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Speaking of big cities is to refer to mobility problems of urban sprawl, lack of planning and lack of government coordination to address these problems. Nayarit, Nuevo Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico and the State of Jalisco are not only some of the most developed states of the Mexican Republic. They have something else in common: lack of effective legislation to regulate their growth. In the Metropolitan National Meeting 2009: 'Towards a national policy metropolitan development', organized by the University of Guadalajara in coordination with the Senate, the government and the Congress of Jalisco and Guadalajara Intermunicipal Association, representatives of the states raised aforementioned various solutions to the problems of metropolitan development. The chaotic today Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara (ZMG) grows each year the equivalent of the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, while the sites located in the North Region of the state every day are less populated. Victor Manuel Gonzalez Romero, Secretary of Planning of the Government of Jalisco, said the population of this area has declined due to migration to the Central Region. "In 1950, of the 12 regions, the Center (which is where most other nine municipalities Guadalajara), representing 32 percent of the population. In 1970 the population grows and the Central Region accounts for 49 percent. Currently this area is 63 percent, "he said adding that Romero González Guadalajara and is 20 times larger than Puerto Vallarta. The result of this could result in negative growth in the coming years, 73 percent of the total population of Jalisco could live in the GMA and the refacciones crafter.



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