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30.04.2013 11:42


"In relative terms is growing almost Guadalajara Puerto Vallarta each year." One of the negative results of this growth is the multitude of cars in the city, a problem for Jalisco Planning Secretary has no solution. "No money in the world alance to solve the problems that are going to cause the growth of automobiles. If you believe that mobility in Guadalajara is bad, the good news is that it's the best we're going to have from now to the future. It is impossible to improve, that's reality. " Strategic solutions proposed State Government are focused on logistics and mobility. The suburban railway, roads streaming, finish the activation of peripheral roads and Lopez Mateos and Lazaro Cardenas are some solutions that Romero González explained. Poor urban planning nationwide State of Mexico, the second largest metropolis in the world and first in mobility issues facing difficulties that are based on the lack of planning. Metropolitan Development Secretary government of Mexico State, Alfonso Navarrete Prida said that each day will add up to the population of this city of thousand to 100 thousand people, which added to the lack of planning results in a strong challenge to be met requires changes.


"The new metropolitan reality requires changes in the legal, budgetary, administrative, financial and in the design and implementation of public policies, as well as a new metropolitan culture of its inhabitants." Navarrete Prida proposed the creation of a general law city development, which coincided solution Felipe Prado Hopfner, government planning secretary of Nayarit. Hopfner Prado explained that the governments of Nayarit and Jalisco working on a project for the area metropolitan interstate Puerto Vallarta-Bahia de Banderas which aims to establish a single development strategy. For the official Nayarit, work holistically would cause along these corridors integrate physical coastal small towns dedicated to specific topics such as education, health, culture, business supply, specialized tourist services. "Driving in Mexico creating a new regional metropolitan" proposed Prado Hopfner. In addition, Juan Ignacio Villareal Barragan, president of the Agency for Urban Development Planning of the Government of Nuevo Leon Monterrey and Guadalajara warned are cities dispersion human suffering lies in a city inefficient. "Inefficiency is hitting us in the increased costs of services and infrastructure, at least in Monterrey to 50 percent in the past six years. Mobility has generated a slow and chaotic and wasteful equipment of the central areas. " Meanwhile, Horacio Guerrero Garcia, director of the Planning Institute of Guanajuato government said Mexican cities face other difficulties such as social exclusion, poor governance, immediatist vision of successive governments, destruction of ecological areas, segregation and poverty . For Guerrero Garcia, the main problem facing cities is the lack of participation. "It has become just a public consultation mechanism when in fact that people do not take over local development projects. The responsibility for development is not unique to government. and how the refacciones crafter helps people. "